Sunday, February 8, 2015

"I’m ready to roll. Time to get this party started." — James Jackson

I'm finally transitioning over to tumblr. Check it out at

We'll see if it works, or for how long. I'll miss my thematic post titles. Here are some final frames from Maine.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"...and now for a final word from our sponsor..." — Charles Gussman

This will be my last blog post about all things Midland, which is a little weird. I figured it fitting should be about the last project I did there. This is Donna Jackson. A single grandmother raising two kids, her house caught fire in November 2013. I found out about her story while on a separate daily assignment and decided to keep tabs on her while she moved from temporary housing and eventually back into her rebuilt home. Read the story here.

One of my favorite moments came around Christmas 2013. I dropped by as Donna was putting together a Christmas tree someone had bought for her. As we talked and I made some pictures, Donna mentioned offhand that she usually listens to Christmas music while setting up the tree, but had no way of doing so now. I quickly took out my phone and pulled up the Pandora app, searched for "Christmas Radio" and set it on a table near her. It took her a second to realize, and even though in my mind it was a small gesture, she was incredibly grateful. Just another reason that telling stories is pretty incredible.

A few months after the story published, I went to church with Neil and found out that Donna attends there now, along with her granddaughter Elizabeth. We got to service late, and worship had already started, but it was still awesome when Elizabeth came running around the rows of chairs and gave me a big hug and handed me a picture she drew for me.

So once again, to Midland, to Nick and Neil. To Ryan and Rodney. To Thomas, Nathan, John, Kevin, Brett, Channing, Kevin and Justin. To Brittney!! BEST OF LUCK! (And also to everyone else who I'm forgetting.) Thanks for creating and allowing me to contribute to an amazing tradition and telling meaningful community stories on the daily.

Monday, January 12, 2015

"This is it! I'm going. I'm going." — Al Jolson

 A quick look at some of my last daily work at the Midland Daily News. It's a been a rad couple years, and I owe a whole frickin' lot to Nick and Neil. They're the two greatest co-workers and friends I'll ever have. Three Amigos!
 Below is my very last assignment, an outdoor nativity at Calvary Baptist. There, I met someone who I had photographed a year prior, and had a conversation about those major moments of upheaval in life. It was probably the best way to end my time at the MDN. One more reminder why my time here has been incredibly formative, both personally and professionally.
Here's to all the MDNers, past, present and future.

"Don't be in such a hurry." — Billie Holiday

 Some scenes, some folk. Pretty stuff from my last month in Michigan (and a trip to California.)

"Be inspired." — Heavy D

 I spent a little bit of time with Autumn Hampton during my last month in Midland. Beyond making pictures, it was fun to get to know her and her pretty incredible story. A good reminder of why I love telling stories.

"I am thinking of earlier times." — Ludwig Beck

 Spent Devil's Night out in Detroit with a couple friends chasing the scanner and photographing some fire. It was fun. And warm.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Drink to me." — Pablo Picasso

A couple scenes from the fall. I'm looking forward to exploring new back roads.